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Aqua Crystal Ltd field of business Aqua Crystal is an established Water Treatment Company in the field of Potable Water Treatment.

Our focus up to now is on Catering business with product lines from Everpure filtration. We work with the complete range of Everpure RO systems for drinking water and catering equipment use.

We complement these products with others from Pentair such as Wellmate pressure vessels, Pentek filter housings and cartridges. We have a collaboration with GEL Hydrotechnology Italy for water softeners and industrial column filters, John Guest fittings and Point of Use water coolers from various suppliers. We have a very good market penetration in the field of catering with all the top business and international franchise accounts that operate in Cyprus being our Customers.

Some of our customers are Coca Cola , Pepsi, we supply both Everpure and Shurflo products McDonald’s, Burger King, Costa Coffee, Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Second Cup coffee, Cinabon, IKEA, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer, Local Hotel chains such as Louis Hotels, Tsokkos Hotels, Louis Cruise Lines, local restaurants and localized catering business. We also have a cooperation with International Ship Management companies based in Cyprus that deliver water filters to ships around the world.


Our Relation with the local water business


We work with and personally know most of the local engineering consultants and designers that specify equipment and design building services for new developments and renovations. We have close collaboration with companies that have maintenance contracts for large buildings and facilities such as government offices, shopping malls, airports etc. We personally know many Hotel managers, procurement officers, facilities and factory chief engineers.

We supply some of the leading domestic appliance retailers with Shurflo water delivery systems. We work with a network of 14 technicians, these are private self employed but well organized and active individuals that cover the hole of the Island. This team undertakes installations preventive and corrective maintenance and service on systems installed. We have four retailers that carry in their shops our line of products and do sales in their local area.